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ACM/IEEE 17th International Conference on Model Driven

 Engineering Languages and Systems


The following are the various awards presented at MODELS 2014. Most Influential Paper Award The Most Influential Paper Award is given to the authors of the paper that was determined by the Steering Committee to have the most impact 10 years after publication (at UML 2004). A plenary session will be held to honor the work of Dániel Varró (presenter) and András Pataricza for the following paper: “Generic and Meta-transformations for Model Transformation Engineering” Auditorium  - Blue Cube - 4th Floor Thursday October 2, 2014 17:00-18:00  Abstract of Presentation: Although many model transformation approaches exist, their focus is almost exclusively put on functional correctness and intuitive description language while the importance of engineering issues such as reusability, maintainability, performance or compactness are neglected. To tackle these problems following the MDA philosophy, we argue in the paper that model transformations should also be regarded as models (i.e., as data). We demonstrate (i) how generic transformations can provide a very compact description of certain transformation problems and (ii) how meta-transformations can be designed that yield efficient transformations as their output model. This is an extract from the abstract of our UML 2004 paper. In the current talk, I provide (1) a brief summary of the paper itself, and (2) an overview of research results on higher-order transformations in the past 10 years. This paper was also the first to present the VIATRA2 model transformation framework based on Eclipse, so a brief history of the tool itself will conclude the talk. Biography of Presenter: Dániel Varró is a full professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His main research interest is model-driven software and systems engineering. He regularly serves on the programme committee of various international conferences in the field like MODELS, ASE, FASE and ICMT and serves on the editorial board of the Software and Systems Modeling journal. He was a programme committee co-chair of FASE 2013 and ICMT 2014 conferences. He delivered a keynote talk at IEEE CSMR 2012 conference and at various international workshops (recently, VOLT 2013, GT-VMT 2014). He is a founder of the VIATRA2 model transformation tool and the EMF-IncQuery open source model query framework, and the site leader of the SENSORIA, DIANA, SecureChange and MONDO European Projects, and principal investigator of a collaborative project with Embraer. He is a three time recipient of the IBM Faculty Award. Previously, he was a visiting researcher at SRI International, at the University of Paderborn and twice at TU Berlin, and a visiting professor at McGill University and Université de Montréal.
Dániel Varró
András Pataricza