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ACM/IEEE 17th International Conference on Model Driven

 Engineering Languages and Systems


Panel 1: Modeling Outside the Box Auditorium  - Blue Cube Wednesday, October 1, 2014 16:00-17:00  The panelists and audience will think about MDE from a different perspective, i.e. "outside the box". The aim is to inspire everyone to look beyond their own research agenda, which typically focuses on the next 2-5 years, and to think about new radical scenarios for MDE that perhaps address the grand challenges for society in the near future. There will be no slides or introductory statements, to maximize time for discussion and audience participation. Everybody is encouraged to come prepared with your own radical ideas. Moderator: Jon Whittle, Lancaster University, United Kingdom Panelists:   Francis Bordeleau, Ericsson, Canada   Siobhan Clarke, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland   Nuria Oliver, Telefonica Research, Spain   Friedrich Steimann, Fernuniversität Hagen, Germany     Organizers: Joerg Kienzle, McGill University, Canada Gunter Mussbacher, McGill University, Canada Panel 2: What Practitioners and Industry Really Want Auditorium  - Blue Cube Thursday, October 2, 2014 16:00-17:00 The goal for this panel is to work towards a greater consensus about what working practitioners really need from modeling techniques, tools and research. Panelists and audience members will be asked to consider questions such as what it might take to get the broad development community to adopt modeling more fully (i.e. beyond the safety-critical, automotive/aerospace and related sectors); what modeling tools and techniques do developers wish for that that are not yet available, usable, reliable, or economical; what elements of current research are likely to have real industrial benefit; what are the obstacles to adoption of these, and how can the obstacles be overcome. The panelists are from industry or else have studied industrial practice. They will present only one slide with their main points at the start of the panel; the remainder of the session will be driven by audience participation, with the moderator injecting provocative questions as needed. Come prepared with your experiences and wisdom. Moderator: Timothy C. Lethbridge, University of Ottawa, Canada Panelists:  Ronan Barrett, Ericsson, Sweden  Christian Berger, University of Gothenberg, Sweden  Peter Feiler, Carnegie Mellon University, USA  Bran Selic, Malina Corporation, Canada  Gaël Blondelle, Eclipse Foundation, France Back to Main Conference Program