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ACM/IEEE 17th International Conference on Model Driven

 Engineering Languages and Systems


October 2nd, 2014 (Thursday)
Red Cube
Session 7: Feature and Variability Modeling - Salón de Actos (3rd Floor) ACM SRC Second Round Oral Presentation - Sala Aprende (4th Floor) Demo Session 2 - Sala Descubre (4th Floor) Session 10: Modeling for Analysis - Salón de Actos (3rd Floor) Demo Session 3 - Sala Descubre (4th Floor) SOSYM Editorial Board Meeting - Salon de Actos (3rd Floor)
Blue Cube
Registration - Auditorium Hall (3rd Floor) Introductory Remarks. Keynote: Francis Bordeleau, “Future of MBE/MDE/MDD in the Industry -  Open Source is the Only Solution! - Auditorium (4th Floor) Coffee Break, Poster Session - Auditorium Hall (3rd Floor) Panel 2: What Practitioners and Industry Really Want - Auditorium Hall (3rd Floor) Most Influential Paper Session - Auditorium (4th Floor)
Grey Cube
Lunch -  Kube Restaurant (3rd Floor)
Yellow Cube
Session 8: Composition and Adaptation - Salón de Actos (3rd Floor) Session 11: Pragmatics - Salón de Actos (3rd Floor)