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ACM/IEEE 17th International Conference on Model Driven

 Engineering Languages and Systems

Tour in Old Town Valencia Oct 1st, 2014 (Wednesday) 18:00 - 19:30 Experience the essence of this 2000-year-old town considered to be the hidden gem of Spain. In this guided visit especially designed for the MODELS 2014 convention, the participants will have the opportunity to discover the real Valencia with local official guides. We offer you a really rich route that will end in the atrium of the Patriarch Seminar School, the amazing national monument chosen by Models 2014 to host the Main Conference Welcome Reception Cocktail. In 1,5 hours we will tell you the history of the roman city of 'Valentia', you will know about the town's Visigoth time and the Muslim city of 'Balansiya'. We will guide you to discover the main churches and buildings of the Christian Kingdom of Valencia, one of them the impressive building of the Silk Market, World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. You will have the opportunity to taste our typical drink and sweet specialty, 'horchata and farto', and know about our traditions and international cuisine. You can book your place in advance and get more information in the previous days where the the tour tickets will be sold at the convention. Organization: Liber Tours. Liber Tours will be located at the Auditorium Hall of the Blue Cube, from Sun September 28 through Wednesday Oct 1 (8:30 – 18:30) Price: 14 € (21% VAT included) This is a special rate for MODELS attendees. The price includes the entrance to the Lonja (Silk Market, which is a World Heritage Site) and a free tasting of traditional Valencian horchata and fartó. Route: Town Hall Square centre (Plaza del Ayuntamiento) - meeting point. Central Market (Mercado Central) Silk Market - UNESCO World Heritage Site (Lonja de la Seda) Carmen District (Barrio del Carmen) Round Square (Plaza Redonda) St. Catherine's Church (Iglesia de Santa Catalina) Reina Square (Plaza de la Reina) Cathedral (Catedral) Basilica of the Virgin of the Helpless people (Basílica de la Virgen de los Desamparados) Generalitat Palace (Palacio de la Generalitat) Peace Street (Calle La Paz) Palace of the Marchis of the Two Waters (Palacio Marquéz de Dos Aguas) Patriarch Square (Plaza del Patriarca) - Patriarch Seminar School (Real Colegio del Patriarca) - atrium - end of visit (Main Conference Welcome Reception) How to reach the meeting point (Plaza del Ayuntamiento): If you need to reach the meeting point of the Tour from the CPI by metro you must combine the underground with the tram. The steps are: 1. The start station is “Serreria” Station. 2. Take the tram “Mass del Rosari” (Line 4) or “Tossal del Rei” (Line 6) 3. Get off the tram in “Benimaclet Station” 4. You must leave the tram and cross the underground (Changes between undergrounds or between  underground and tram are the same trip) 5. Take the underground “Aerport” or “Av. del Cid” 6. Get off the tram at “Xativa” Station If you need to reach the meeting point of the Tour from the CPI by bus the steps are: 1. The bus stop is just in front of the conference main entrace. Use the bus line #29 (Towards Cid- Marcelino Ortega) 2. Get off the bus at General Elio - Vivers stop 3. Take the bus line #81 (Towards Tres Creus - Angel de Alcazar) 4. Get off the bus at Plaza del Ayuntamiento stop Directions about how to reach “Plaza del Ayuntamiento” using Google Maps here.